Walt here. Check out these common kitchen myths!

If you love to cook, you've probably followed some of these "safety" procedures. Check out which ones are true, and which are false! It could save you some time....and anxiety!

Experts say these are the most common kitchen myths: 

Myth: You’ve got to clean your chicken before cooking it.Truth: Rinsing chicken does the opposite of cleaning away germs – it actually spreads germs around your kitchen. Leave the rinsing for your fruits and veggies.

Myth: Wooden cutting boards are always contaminated.Truth: If you wash your wooden cutting board with soap and water after using it and allow it to dry, it is perfectly sanitary.

Myth: The hottest part of a pepper is the seeds.Truth: The hottest part of a pepper is actually the white ribs inside the pepper.

Myth: Bread stays fresh longer in the fridge.Truth: It’s exactly the opposite! Bread actually gets stale faster in the fridge because it dries it out. It is best stored at room temperature.

Myth: It’s perfectly safe to buy food in dented cans.Truth: Sure, you might save a little money, but you’re taking a risk. A dent in a can could break the airtight seal and expose foods to bacteria.

Myth: Put your tomatoes in the sun to ripen them.Truth: Putting picked tomatoes in the sun actually damages the skin. To properly ripen tomatoes, keep them in a dark, warm environment – like a paper bag on the counter. (Today)

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