Here are important things your teen should know!

PARENTING: Life Skills Your Teen Should Know!

According to experts, these are the skills your teens should know before leaving the nest:

Washing their own laundry: Parenting experts say kids should be able to work a washing machine on their own by the time they are 13.

Earning and managing simple finances: Getting an allowance is an important lesson for kids. You should also take the time to teach them how to properly fill out a check and a deposit ticket. The bank should not be a scary experience for your teen.

Preparing meals: They don’t have to cook a gourmet meal, but teens should be able to make themselves a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Managing and completing school-related work without intervention: Time management is an important skill that teens need as adults. They need to know how to manage their time and plan ahead without a parent nagging them to get their work done.

What to do in case of an emergency: Who to call, how to act, and where to go in case of an emergency are vital skills, especially if teens are leaving home and moving quite a distance away. Taking a certification course in CPR is a great way to give kids the emergency skills they need.

Waking themselves up in the morning: Mom isn’t going to be there when you need to get to class in college or to get to your job on time. Stop dragging them out of bed in the morning. They are old enough to do it themselves!

Basic cleaning skills: Chores are important because kids need to contribute to the household, but they also need to know how to keep a clean living space. (Woman's Day)

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