3 year old with a gross (fun?) birthday party!

PARENTING: Has Your Kid Ever Asked for a Weird Themed Birthday Party?

Potty humor is just a regular part of life when you’re living with toddlers. But what happens when your daughter is so obsessed with poop that all she wants for her third birthday is a poop-themed party?! If you are a laid back mom like Rebecca from St. Louis, Missouri, you, as she explained in a recent interview, "embrace the weird." Rebecca and her husband went all out, and thanks to the absurd popularity of the poop emoji, they were able to throw an all-out poop birthday party for their daughter, Audrey.

Guests played pin the poop on the toilet, broke poop emoji piñatas filled with tootsie rolls and Hershey’s Kisses, and brought home goodie bags with whoopee cushions in them.

Little Audrey even wore a poop emoji sweater for her special day. Thankfully, the cake did not look like poop. Most importantly, Audrey loved every second of it and her mom explained, "I feel like in this time of Facebook and Pinterest, we sometimes get caught up in trying to impress other adults. This party wasn't for me; it was for Audrey. I love that we will look back at pictures, and it will represent her at 3 – my funny and quirky little girl." (Woman's Day)

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