What day is the best to weigh?

Walter here. I've battled my weight for a little over a decade. I work out hard, and pretty regularly, but, can't quite push back from the table like I should. I probably weigh myself once per week and now experts have determined the EXACT day you need to weigh! Look at what they found:                                                                                                

If you're dieting to lose weight, experts agree the best way to monitor your progress is by weighing yourself at the same exact time -- usually first thing in the morning -- once a week. The reason you don’t want to weigh yourself more often than that is because your weight can fluctuate day to day, and it isn’t a true indication of your effort. If you want to really see the best results, research out of Cornell University found that you should always weight yourself on Friday -- because it's the one day of the week you weigh the least.

Researchers explain that Friday is, more often than not, our lightest day of the week because we naturally tend to overeat on the weekends. That means Monday through Thursday we are more diligent about our diet and lose the most weight. That makes Friday our lightest day of the week -- and Sunday our heaviest.

Basically, your weight loss or gain often depends upon the weekends. According to the research, the greater the difference between your Sunday night weight and your Friday morning weight, the more likely you are to lose weight over the year. (You Beauty)

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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