Ladies, would you consider doing this regularly?

Facial hair is not exclusive to men, but ask most women if they would ever consider shaving the baby hairs on their face and upper lip and they might look at you cross eyed. Beauty experts are trying to change that notion, however. It turns out more and more women are shaving their facial hair instead of waxing or bleaching, because it has a lot of benefits besides simply eliminating unsightly hair.

There are plenty of supporters of women shaving on social media and some of them are major beauty influencers. Apparently the process not only gives makeup a smooth surface to adhere to, but it also is an amazing way to exfoliate and eliminate dead skin and reveal a healthy, smooth complexion.

Japanese women have been shaving their faces for years using a process called "kao sori," and apparently both Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were fond of the practice. If the possibility of a five o'clock shadow is what’s holding you back, there's no need to worry. Dermatologists and beauty experts confirm that shaving will not cause the hair to grow back thicker and darker. The Today show surveyed viewers and found that 48 percent of women already practice face shaving, with 33 percent admitting they would be willing to try it. (Today)

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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