Things your kids do that are GROSS!

OK parents, don’t take offense to this, but as awesome as your kids are, they are also really gross! Kids have the uncanny ability to be magnets for anything sticky, dirty or germ-infested and they have no qualms about touching anything and everything with those grubby hands. Not only that, but they aren’t good at washing their hands, have no qualms about licking things that they shouldn’t, and would rather pick their noses than blow in a tissue. We won’t even bring up bad bathroom habits …

According to WebMD,these are some of the grossest things that all kids do:

  • Pick their nose
  • Lick everything, including railing on public transportation
  • Put their hands down their pants whenever and wherever they want
  • Use anything but a napkin as a napkin
  • Pee in pools and bathtubs
  • Chew on everything


Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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