Parenting things you said you'd never do!

Redbook asked moms to confess some of the things they swore they would never do when they had kids of their own ... that they now do. Here are some of the responses:

"I never thought I'd let my kid eat food we had not yet paid for in the grocery store."

"I never thought I'd wipe snot with my bare hands."

"My rule, before kids: No sugary candy or junk foods before age 2, and definitely no highly processed foods. My rule, after kids: No more food rules."

"I swore that I would not nap when my children were home."

"I swore I'd never make my own kids do the dishes."

"I remember thinking I would never take my young kids out late at night to the grocery store, movies, or places like amusement parks."

"I swore my children wouldn't have messy bedrooms."

"I swore I would never tell my kids that they couldn't have ice cream or a treat when we were out because 'we have ice cream at home.'"

"I swore I'd never own a minivan no matter what."

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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