Body language clues.

When it comes to romantic relationships, nonverbal interactions are just as important as what you say to each other. Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., a professor at Oakland University in Michigan and an expert in body language, explains what you and your partner are saying ... without uttering a word:

Holding hands: If you don't, it could be a red flag that you lack intimacy or the partner that chooses not to hold hands has a fear of intimacy. If you do hold hands and there is enough space in between you to fit another person, it's likely you care -- but more as friends. Couples that hold hands closely and walk so their shoulders practically touch are comfortable with their intimacy.

Guiding you with a hand to your lower back: Some people view this as a power move, but Dr. Orbuch says it's actually your partner subconsciously expressing his care and protection.

Holding his arm: This is actually not as loving as hand holding. It's a formal way of touching that doesn’t actually show any intimacy.

Leaning on each other: This is a clear indication of supportiveness and love. Many times happy couples will even lean towards each other when they are simply talking as a way to be closer to the person they care about. (Women's Health)

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