Top 5 clothes that make you feel confident.

Jeans and a T-shirt are sexy … A new survey on dating and fashion by dating site Zoosk found that 36 percent of singles feel sexiest and most confident in jeans and a T-shirt. Not only that, but according to the survey, mentioning that you're a jeans and T-shirt kind of person in your dating profile can get you more messages. Seems profiles that mention jeans get 80 percent more incoming messages than the average, while those that mention shirt or T-shirt get up to 67 percent more responses.

Here are the Top 5 outfits that make singles feel sexy and confident:


  1. A button-down shirt -- 60 percent
  2. A blazer/jacket -- 36 percent
  3. Jeans and a T-shirt -- 33 percent
  4. All black everything -- 16 percent
  5. Sportswear or athleisure -- 15 percent


  1. All black everything  -- 40 percent
  2. Jeans and a T-shirt -- 39 percent
  3. High heels -- 38 percent
  4. Sexy underwear -- 32 percent
  5. A sundress -- 31 percent
Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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