Did you know these products can also do THIS?

Walter Brown here. I hope you have a GREAT weekend! At some point over the weekend, I'm going to try and remember to check some of these out. 

Did you know that baby onesies have those snaps at the shoulder so if they have a really bad accident you can take the clothing off from top down instead of over their heads? Or that instant oatmeal packets are lined so you can measure the water needed right in the packet instead of using a measuring cup?

Turns out lots of common products have features that we never even use or notice. Well, thanks to a recent post on Reddit that asked "What common product has a feature you’re not sure everyone is aware of?” --  we now know how to use these products properly:

  • Most car key remotes can lower all the windows in the car by pressing the unlock button three times.
  • Aluminum foil rolls have tabs on the end that you are supposed to press in when you open a new box to hold the roll in place when you unravel.
  • The gas gauge in your car has a little arrow next to it that indicates which side of the car the tank is. Great for rentals!
  • The little hook on most can openers is there so you can lift the lid without break your nail.
  • The flat part on the back of most bottle openers is for tabs on cans.
  • The notch in the metal clip on measuring tape is so you can pop a nail into something and hook the tape onto the nail to measure on your own.

Your turn … What common product has a feature that most people are unaware of?

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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