Foods that make you stink!

Unless you have a medical condition, proper hygiene and personal care products like deodorant typically prevent really bad body odor. But even then, there are times when you are riding on a hot subway or after a particularly grueling workout when you catch a whiff of yourself and are shocked at how stinky your pits are!

While sweating off your deodorant could be a culprit, you might want to consider what you ate recently as a contributing factor to the excessive stink. According to doctors, these foods could be giving you really stinky B.O.:

Garlic: It's so good for you and tastes so good, but garlic basically makes everything reek -- from your breath to your B.O. Don’t stop eating the stuff, but avoid it before a big date or presentation at work.

Onions: Same as garlic, onion breaks down into a sulfur compound that leaves a nasty smell that basically leaches out of you.

Cruciferous veggies: Yep, all the ones that are good for you -- cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, to name a few -- all break down into the same sulfur compound after eating them. And to make matters worse, they can give you gas! That's not a reason to nix them from your diet, however. Just be sure to time your meals right, and don't overdo anything.

Red meat: People joke about the meat sweats, but they are a real thing! A recent study found that the sweat of vegetarian guys is more appealing to women than the sweat of meat eating guys. Everything in moderation is key. Don't eat red mean every single night and you'll be OK. (Health)

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