Have you ever cried over something really silly?

Ladies, we've all been there. The day is going great and suddenly, you're browsing Instagram and the picture of a sleeping bunny snuggling with an infant can make you burst into tears. Thanks, hormones. It doesn't take much when you're pregnant or it's your time of the month. It could be the beauty of a sunrise, the little squeak your dog makes when he yawns or a commercial for Kleenex ... and the waterworks start.

A recent trending post on Reddit asked: "Ladies, what's the silliest thing you've cried over while feeling hormonal?"

Here are some of the responses:

  • Saw one lonely ravioli in the parking lot of a supermarket.
  • I was pregnant and it took too long to get my In-N-Out burger.
  • Seeing any random bride on her wedding day. There's something so beautiful about a bride -- even if you don’t know her.
  • Couldn’t find the pair of jeans I wanted to wear.
  • Thinking about how your pet is going to die someday.
Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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