Are you loading your refrigerator wrong?

Walter Brown here. I looked over this list and have realized that I need to practice. I'm guilty of doing every single one of these! (BUT, if you see below, I'm not the only one!)

According to experts, most of us are loading the food into our fridge wrong. Here’s what you need to know to keep your veggies fresh and your milk from spoiling too soon:

Never put the milk on the door: It's convenient, but it's the warmest part of the fridge. Save it for butter or less perishable items like condiments.

Fruits and veggies always go in the crisper drawer: Should be obvious, but sometimes these drawers become receptacles for kid-friendly snacks instead.

Don't overfill your fridge: A packed fridge means the air can't circulate properly and the temperatures will be inconsistent.

Meats should always be stored on shelves towards the back, where it's coolest: Or if you aren't going to cook them within a few days pack them up for the freezer. (Buzz60)

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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