Things that ruin your "dining out" experience

When Suzi and I go out to eat, we are pretty flexible and reasonable when it comes to little things that could "tweak" us during the dining experience. My pet-peeve when dining out is this: Hearing that the restaurant is out of a certain dish, after we've had the opportunity to read through the menu. Please, tell me up front prior to making my decision! I can then look over the menu and find something else!  

A recent trending post on Reddit asked users: "What is a minor thing that infuriates you when eating at a restaurant?" See if you agree:

  • A sticky or dirty menu     
  • Getting ignored by the wait staff     
  • No drink prices on the menu     
  • Music that’s too loud     
  • When the tables are too close together and you feel like you are eating with the people sitting next to you     
  • Cold butter that you can’t spread on your bread
Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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