What are the most common things that people lie about?

What  question does every man hate hearing from his wife? "DOES THIS DRESS MAKE ME LOOK FAT?"

How do you answer that if, in fact, the dress isn't very flattering? This is a very "honest" Reddit post dealing with what a lot of folks "lie" about.

 Honesty might be the best policy, but the truth is most of us tell a whole bunch of white lies all day, every day. Don’t think you do? A recent trending post on Reddit might have you singing a different tune. The post asked users: "What is the most common thing people lie about?"

Do you tell these lies?

Answering the question, “How are you?”: No one actually answers this question truthfully. It's a common lie that has simply become a small talk ritual.

Gushing over stranger’s babies: Sure babies are cute ... but not ALL of them ... especially if they aren’t your own!

Guys lying about their height and women lying about their age: Women feel like they need to be forever 39 and men feel like they have to be at least 6-foot.

Everything on social media: No one is living that great a life ... are they? 

Your turn … What do you think is the most common thing people lie about? What is the most common thing YOU lie about?

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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