What "bugs" you that's normal for everyone else?

Picnics are supposed to be fun. But, are you that one person that hates eating outdoors due to the bugs...the heat....your paper plates flying all over the place? This recent trending post on Reddit asked: “What's considered aggravating to you, but normal for everyone else?”

Can you relate to any of these?

Working in an open office: Lots of people think it’s cool and hip, but there are plenty of people who find it sensory overload. It’s also very difficult to concentrate and not get distracted.

Eating outdoors: For some people, the bugs and unhygienic environment are intolerable.

Talking on the phone: It can be incredibly nerve-racking for some people -- especially with technology making it easier to avoid conversing with anyone. It’s only getting worse because people don’t get any practice doing it.

Riding as a passenger in a car: If you have control or anxiety issues, not being behind the wheel is absolute torture.

Listening to people eat: This is an actual medical condition some people have called misophonia.

Going to the beach: Sitting in the sun and feeling the sand in all your crevices isn’t enjoyable for everyone.

Nightclubs: For some, they are just too loud, too crowded and too stuffy. 

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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