Lies we all tell

I think of myself as a pretty honest person. But, after seeing this, I realize that I am guilty of some of these lies! According to Redbook, here are the lies everyone has told ... and if you deny telling them, you’re just lying to yourself!

  • “I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”The truth is, that five minutes could be anything from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • “We need to catch up.”Making small talk with people you rarely see usually ends with soft plans that are never meant to be followed up on.
  • “That name sounds familiar.”No, it doesn’t, but it’s a lot better than admitting that you completely forgot the name of your co-worker’s boyfriend that went to the same college as you even though she talks about him all the time.
  • “I didn’t get your text”or“My phone has been on the fritz.”We’ve all blamed technology for our own oversights.
  • “Let me check if I’m free that weekend.”You know you're free ... you just need time to come up with an excuse for the thing you don’t want to do! (Redbook)

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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