Mundane task you do differently (and better,) than others!

Have you ever discovered a different -- and much better way -- of doing a completely mundane task?

Reddit thread asked: "What is something that you do differently than most people, but you believe you have the superior method?" People had a lot of suggestions:

  • Having ice cream in a mug instead of a bowl. You won’t scoop as much -- plus the handle makes it easier to carry.
  • Open a bag of chips from the bottom so all the settled seasoning redistributes throughout the bag.
  • Cut cupcakes in half and sandwich the frosting in between the cakes for a cupcake sandwich! Every bite has the perfect amount of frosting and no mess on the face.
  • When making a burger, put the lettuce BELOW the meat. Prevents the bottom bun from disintegrating.
  • Always reheat pizza in a toaster oven or a pan on the stove -- never in the microwave.
  • When I eat cheese and crackers I put the cheese under the cracker so that when I bite down on it the cheese catches all the crumbs and it doesn't make a mess.
  • Putting knives and scissors point down in the dishwasher so that no one gets cut while unloading it.
  • Milk goes in first, cereal second -- unless you want soggy cereal.

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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