An old phone is one response to this: #KidsBornAfter2000WillNeverKnow.

Slamming the phone receiver down used to be a great way to relieve stress! Twitter users are sharing what #KidsBornAfter2000WillNeverKnow.

Here are some responses:

… Waiting two weeks to get your photos developed.

… Saturday morning cartoons.

… The terrible, awful, screeching sounds of dial-up Internet.

… Anything without Googling it.

… What it's like to go past airport security and wait at the airline gate for your loved ones to arrive.

… What long car rides feel like with nothing but your parents choosing the radio station.

… What it was like to get lost with no GPS or phone to help you out.

… The wonderful feeling of slamming a phone down.

… Playing outside till it got dark.

… How hard it was to make a mixtape.

Walter Brown

Walter Brown

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