How has Coronavirus affected your mental health? A new survey gives insight

How has Coronavirus affected your mental health? Your relationships?

Chapman University did a survey, and this is what they found out:

The bad news: We’re more stressed and depressed, are eating more junk food, and are exercising less.

  • 61% say they feel more stressed, 60% say they’re more anxious and 45% are more depressed.
  • 37% say they’re eating more because they’re stressed, and 41% say they are eating more junk food, specifically.
  • 35% admit they aren’t exercising as much as they did last year.

The good news: Our love lives are better. Couples are having more sex, cuddling and saying, "I love you" more, and arguing less.

  • 64% say they’ve been spending more time with their partner.
  • 31% say staying at home has made them want to have sex with their partner more.
  • The average couple has snuggled four times and said, “I love you” six times just over the past week.
  • 24% say they are arguing less ... but 25% say they are fighting more.

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