Kelly Bennett

When he passed, they said #Prince had tons of music in his vault.
Dads on diaper duty. HILL-AIR-EE-OUS!
Peter Dinklage of GOT admits some downtime pranks.
I've never seen a strong person with an easy past.
Brad Pitt, Britney, Leo...they all had to pay bills to pay.
The #Emmy winners included--as usual--shows I'm not familiar with.
#LennyKravitz #ZoeKravitz #ReeseWitherspoon and Lip Sync Charades...
Guy shaves his beard on the train...
We touched on a lot of different topics this morning...
Technology is enabling us to help others in some stupendous ways.
Biloxi Firefighters are part of the #Florence response.
Wearing heels is hard. Heels fails...


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